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Starting in 1928 with a Model T Ford towing a cement mixer, the firm has grown to become one of the largest concrete contractors in Southern California. Over the last decade the annual revenues have shown steady growth with the number of employees averaging over 300.

For over seventy years, Ben F.Smith, Inc. has specialized in concrete construction completing a variety of projects spanning the range from residential contracts and custom homes to specialized heavy industrial structures. Our experience includes all types of concrete construction including large industrial floors, tilt-up, cast-in-place and architectural site work utilizing special finishes.

Both offices in Los Angeles and San Diego are fully staffed and all employees have access to all of the latest technology. First and foremost, our field personnel have the advantage of all the latest equipment and materials.
These attributes in combination with leadership, foresight and experience are the key elements that characterize Reputation Plus.

We have appoximately thirty field superintendents who are regarded as the finest in the concrete construction industry. Our average total field force is around 250, although we are capable of more if the jobs so merit. We have continuing training programs in order for them to be the best technicians that they are capable of being.

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Ben F. Smith Inc.® has worked hard to earn an Industry wide reputation for quality, service and on-time performance. While many have a tough time meeting customer expectations, those who have worked with us acknowledge that we deliver all this and more.

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